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Philanthropy is an incredible way for the lives of thousands of individuals to be improved. Many of these people have no other means to get this help and this leg up may be all they need to improve their standard of living and quality of life drastically. That is why the following list of three trends being noticed in 2018 in regard to philanthropy has been developed. The trends, in no particular order, are as follows:

  • Charitable Giving Is Still On The Rise
  • The Origination Of Philanthropy Is Changing
  • Philanthropy Surrounding U.S. Poverty

Charitable Giving Is Still On The Rise
Many analysts initially thought that charitable giving, and thus philanthropy, would fall after the passage of the recent tax cuts. After further review, however, it appears that charitable giving and philanthropy are still on the rise as the stock market continues to climb as well. This means that more and more money will be set aside this year for charitable giving. Families are most likely to donate funds to a cause that have some sort of personal connection as the giver has additional incentive to see this area improve.

The Origination Of Philanthropy Is Changing
While philanthropy as a whole may be on the rise when looking at total dollar amounts, the number of charitable givers is actually falling. Many point to the growing disparity among the richest one percent of the United States and the bottom 99% of the United States as a reason for this. Currently, a select few of the richest Americans account for an astronomically high proportion of total philanthropic giving. While this money is still being put to good use, it is important to recognize the original source of it.

Philanthropy Surrounding U.S. Poverty
One of the fastest growing issues that philanthropic organizations are trying to address is poverty in the United States. More specifically, many are finding that poverty among senior citizens is growing at a faster pace than many had previously predicted. For this reason, it is not unreasonable to expect more philanthropic organizations to begin popping up in an effort to address the issue at hand. The key will be to identify the one that a charitable giver deems most suited to make a real impact.