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Finding the right veterans charity to invest your money into is not always the easiest task. Although there are a plethora of credible and worthy organizations dedicated to supporting our country’s veterans, here are five of the leading charities that are doing the most for today’s warriors through a variety of innovative programs:

G.I. Josie
This organization celebrates the power of women by dedicating its resources to improving the lives of single women veterans and their families. The group provides affordable housing accommodations on an idyllic ranch setting complete with animal therapy offerings in an attempt to treat the mental anguish that may come with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Keystone Warriors
This group invests heavily in the well-being of the men and women who were wounded either on 9/11 or thereafter. By supporting local 9/11 veterans, the group raises awareness and support for the services provided in conjunction with the Wounded Warriors group. As one of the biggest veteran support organizations in the country, the Wounded Warriors seeks to provide services through a variety of offshoot foundations such as the Keystone Warriors.

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) is a well-known group that provides support to those left behind. Founded in 1994, TAPS gives comfort and hope through its vast peer support network while offering a variety of grief resources to the family members of fallen soldiers. These services are provided at no cost and funded by donations to the organization.

Focusing on mental issues, this group provides treatment programs for post 9/11 veterans who are dealing with a variety of challenges. Headstrong uses its vast resource network of top doctors to provide support and treatment to veterans dealing with PTSD, anxiety, addiction, Military Sexual Trauma, and more.

The Battle Buddy Foundation
This group provides support for disabled combat veterans while helping them ease back into civilian life. The foundation is especially known for its service dog program, designed to provide emotional support to the disabled veterans. These elite service dogs are provided to veterans in need at no cost. The group also seeks to educate the public about service dog etiquette and the benefits of these animals to disabled veterans seeking normalcy and companionship.