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Some non-profit organizations operate better than others do. This can be due to a difference in the leadership of the organization or how the organization is structured. However, there are several traits that most of the best non-profit organizations have in common.

The best non-profits have strong leaders. Period. These leaders are always visible and accessible to their employees. They are constant cheerleaders that push their employees to be the best that they possibly can be. They focus on helping people reach the goals of wanting to know more and wanting to do more.

Financial Stability
With non-profit organizations, the board treasurer should absolutely be an active partner and able to communicate extremely well with the rest of the board. This can help the board understand the basics of the organization’s finances. Executive Directors of non-profit organizations should be focused on long-term strategy and working with the board treasurer to bring this strategy to fruition.

The best non-profit organizations have put together a board with the intention of it being diverse. This means ensuring that the board has a perfect mix of skills, experience, and attributes that will set the organization up for long-term success. Recruiting the best people will ensure that this need is met for the non-profit.

Remember the Mission
Organizations should make sure that their programs are focused on a common goal or mission. Just because someone offers funding for the organization doesn’t mean that the organization has to take that funding. Having a mission statement set in stone and written down goes a long way in helping non-profit boards remember what the purpose of the organization is. Believe it or not, it’s okay to say “no” sometimes to those wanting to fund programs.

Perhaps the biggest sign of a healthy and thriving non-profit organization is that the Board Chair and Executive Director have a truly collaborative and supportive partnership. Having this type of partnership in place will almost always ensure the success of an organization.